the requisites
Evolution isn’t just based on future predictions
It’s a constant and consistent process of
redefining and aligning
We connect
We talk
We create
Conversation is currency.
Brands that are talked about today,
will lead with vision and success tomorrow.
Driven by Consumer Insights, Inspired by Challenges
We operate with passion, creativity, and facts to build engaging dialogue.

Marketing in a Digital World

The new world needs to be talked to differently. 
We believe in scalable ideas that transform and engage communities. 
We believe in old-school manners and courtesy.
We believe in new technology and results that challenge previous beliefs.
Welcome to Knct Lab.

Online Marketing
Rich media ads, static banner ads, fully integrated campaigns, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing, digital on-ground activations…

Platforms & Experience
What is true user experience? How is a website developed? Why are applications the current rage?

Analytics & Optimization
Selecting the right audiences, using the right channels, optimizing on your promotional campaigns, analytics is the informed way of decision making.

Marketing Automation
Focused on creating systematic methods to guide promotion and allied processes of a new product. It is also referred to as ‘Playing God’ but we prefer to be modest.

Our Blog

18 Jan 2017

What is SEO marketing? What are Accelerated Mobile Pages. What does User Experience refer to? What is good SEO strategy? What is dense content and how does it help?

13 Jan 2017

What is live video? How will Virtual Reality help marketing? What will the latest social media trend? What is new in social media? How to leverage on social media trends in 2017

06 Jan 2017

What are the current digital marketing trends? How will digital marketing change in 2017? What new technologies can be used for marketing?

09 Dec 2016

How to use twitter to increase your google ranking? Tips to increase your ranking using twitter.

05 Dec 2016

What is UI and UX? What does User Interface mean? How does User Experience matter for an app? What should I do for a better UI and UX? How does App design function. How to make an app experience fast, easy, and responsive?

01 Dec 2016

Location-based marketing has changed the rules, finding your customers is no longer a game of hide-and-seek.



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