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Video marketing is the future – here’s your how-to guide
Knct Social / 30 Apr /

Human beings, it has been conclusively proved, are visual learners. This automatically makes video a great way to connect with customers. Add to this the fact that a majority of people access the Internet, especially social media platforms, on their mobile devices and it becomes imperative for digital marketers to understand video marketing – arguably one of the best marketing mediums out there. What’s more, done in the right way, video marketing is inexpensive, highly accessible and can go a long way in providing value for the customer who is short of time and attention span.

The hows and whys of video content for digital marketing companies of Bangalore

Consider these statistics. According to online research agencies, a whopping 90% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile devices and more than 10 million videos are watched on Snapchat every day. And nearly 40% of all YouTube watch time comes from, you guessed it, mobile devices. This not only shows that more and more users are taking to video content but also indicates how videos should be optimised for all devices, to gain maximum advantage.
But as is the case with any new development, the transition to content marketing through videos is not an easy one for the digital marketer. But it is possible to build a winning strategy by following some best practices. Here are some ways.

  1. Optimize for all devices - This might appear to be basic but tons of people do not know how to record a video that’s usable on all devices. This means, a short video where the audio is clear, the subject is in focus and the content is not boring or irrelevant to your company or product. Simple stuff like holding the smartphone horizontally rather than vertically while recording makes a huge difference.
  2. Keep it short and smart - Mobile videos are often watched on the go and no one has the time or energy to patiently wait for the message to arrive. Keep your marketing video short and pithy. If you have to use text, make sure it is not overwhelming the viewer or is in too small a font for him to see. Good audio is paramount. Also, it is vital to remember that you are not making a movie. Get to the point quickly and make it clear to the viewer upfront what the video is about.
  3. Make use of influencer marketing - Consumer trends reveal that people are more likely to buy a product or a service if someone they admire or trust recommends it. This does not mean that the influencer is directly advertising the product. Instead, a marketer can employ the live video formats offered in Facebook and Instagram to get the influencer to provide an unbiased opinion, explaining how the product/service will be helpful and how he or she made use of it. With the right influencer making an engaging video of the product, the company can easily achieve greater visibility and build a higher level of trust.
  4. Share quickly and sensibly - The shelf life of video content is notoriously short. Once you have recorded a video, share it soon. The best way to do so is to upload it on YouTube and then share the link on all social media platforms.

In conclusion, the growing prominence of videos means it has to be a crucial part of any marketing strategy. And since it is easy to create, more engaging than any other medium and the audience love it, there is no reason not to do so.

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